Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace. Your Voice Is Needed Now.

Never been more disgusted, or humiliated. If you want to defend Trump or voting for him, I won't listen, will delete the comment without reading it. You are free to not read this or anything else I post. It's not mocking or dismissiveness, but this is my platform and I own it. I've seen enough anger in my timeline without commenting. Life is as hard for me in New York (more now w my injury) as it is for anyone in rural areas, and I am sick and tired of the "elite, fancy city folk vs poor country folk" narrative people use to justify anger, racism, fear of diversity, political divides. There are different motivations within country folk and city folk. It's not one or the other. We're all humans with the same needs and wants, all are citizens, each as patriotic as the other. He's a humiliating, degrading representative of the United States, and the entire world can see it. Except Russia.

He's a prejudiced, petty, immature and utterly immoral man that brags about intimidating and sexually assaulting women, while married to multiple wives, fathering kids that learn from his worst examples. Now, he is on his way to influence the behavior and personal standards of every man, woman and child of this generation. That's what people in power, in the public eye do. He's the rich, boorish, entitled elite person "average Americans" rail against but voted for anyway. Lately, he focuses more time on Twitter and TV shows that governing, and that is not just a partisan opinion. Even people in his own party, his advisors say this. Much of what's out there now about massive conflicts of interest and suspicious ties is demonstrably true, and out in the open regarding his businesses, Russia, debt he owes there. His defense of Putin is OBSCENE, given the crap Putin's trying to pull influencing elections and waging conflict all over the world, much less that he kills opposition and suppresses free speech. The worst sleaze about Trump w prostitutes may be true or not, but looking at Trump's record, I can't give him ANY benefit of the doubt. All TV pundits or anchors on FOX are simply paid partisan actors expressing opinion constantly to keep people outraged. Thinking Meryl's a Hollywood elite with no right to speak is laughable. FOX anchors, opiners Alex Jones, Limbaugh, Coulter get paid HUGE money, enjoy celebrity status, use hairdressers, makeup, cameras, writers and microphones JUST LIKE ACTORS. These folks get paid alot to speak hostile opinion EVERY DAY all year long, and actors don't. Trump, a media hungry "reality star" (performer) is the last person to condemn performers. He's a carnival barker angry and jealous that Hollywood and musicians are rejecting him. He's used to getting what he wants, and feels he is entitled to adoration and obedience, even from the press. As we can all see, he dwells on "getting even" with people that refuse to fawn over him and parrot his world view.

I'm glad Mery Streep spoke up! Someone has to. She has a platform most citizens will never get. Our voices will never be heard as easily as hers. If you are mad, find a way to use your voice beyond expressing resentment toward people that use theirs. Use yours to effect change. That's up to you. She knows her responsibilities as a citizen, and as someone people look up to. She spoke with more honesty, Christian values, clarity and directness than others regarding our responsibility to fight prejudice, mockery, and growing racial and religious violence nationwide since the election. She's an American, and if she can't speak, then every citizen should be told to shuttup too, do their jobs, and not comment on politics. THE END. And all she did was ask for decency and kindness to each other. The fact that anyone is upset by that IS SICK. I've seen her on set, was in Julie and Julia where she was the star, and I've seen her where she shops. She remembers the humble places she came from, and she is the LEAST affected celebrity I've ever seen, usually avoids limelight. She usually wears no makeup, dresses kinda sloppy, and blends in to the crowd. Many (not all) celebrities are like that. Just people.

All artists are Americans and as patriotic as anyone living in a suburb, on a farm, in a city, working in a factory, or anywhere else. And, last, she earned her money, did not benefit from a huge inheritance, and has not a laundry list of lawsuits against her. Its reported Trump has a total of a couple thousand lawsuits to date, with more to come. He owes $5M to the people that built his brand new hotel in DC and now has 3 liens on the property. Running a business (repeatedly failed) having a TV show and living off the loans of foreigners DOES NOT qualify anyone to run the most powerful country on Earth. A nation is not a business. No one's been able to run any country on earth that way, tho many have tried. There are far more complex needs and obligations to US citizens and to other nations. It's like saying "I have a rowboat, so you should let me captain a massive cruise ship".

I'm proud to live in a globally important city where diverse people from all over the world come together to live, work, create art and share their lives. I was proud to live in a quiet city like Memphis, but it was not for me. Instead of living in a bubble, city folks, artists pop the bubble and become citizens of the world. City people are not inherently rude, just different. Every region in the country, rich or poor, is unique. New Yorkers are happy to share with people of different incomes, nations and religions. I'm sad others fear doing the same. In New York, we all get along by choice. We appreciate our differences, be it ethnicity, religion, nationality or income.

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